David Gasatura

Ministry Leader

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David Gasatura holds that deep conviction of a call to ministry through hospitality. He has found a new (ministry) home at IFI where we serve international students by “making the world feel at home.”

After being involved in part-time ministry back  in his home country of Rwanda, David came as an international student to Abilene Christian University, (Abilene, Texas) pursuing a Masters’ degree in Christian Ministry in fall 2018. Throughout his time at Abilene Christian, David and his family had wonderful cross-cultural experiences with American families, including “breaking bread” together, church events, and sharing life as ministers, parents, students and more! As a graduate assistant for spiritual formation at Abilene Christian, David’s ministry also included mentorship of small group leaders from different parts of the world and providing relevant resources. David spent 2021 as a hospital chaplain resident at the University of Louisville Hospital, Louisville, Kentucky where his role required initiative in care and training to cross-cultural groups. David has had the opportunity to travel and relate with people from different countries including Uganda, Burundi, Botswana, India, Cambodia, and Thailand.

With a heart for ministry through hospitality and experiences as an international student, David is excited about the possibilities of building a support team and starting an IFI ministry in Louisville. David, his wife Charlotte and their 3 boys live in Louisville, Kentucky.

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