Our Team

Abby Schrader
Ministry Coordinator - Gainesville, FL
Abby Zou
Campus Minister & Staff Care Coordinator
Alexa Lawlor
Associate Ministry Leader, Rochester MI
Alvin Lo
Campus Ministry Intern, Chicago, IL
Alyssa Mueller
Staff Care Coordinator
Andika Gunadi
Location Leader, Boise ID
Angela Karen
Atalie Bale
Communications Manager
Avery Prevette
Mobilization Coordinator
Barry Yang
Benjamin Chapa
Beth Tucker
Ministry Leader, West Lafayette IN
Bill Erickson
City Director, Champaign-Urbana IL
Bronwen Kimball
HR Consultant
Bruce Fulcher
Associate Campus Minister in Buffalo, NY
Carolina Villa Nakata
Content Writer
Charmaign Albright
Associate Campus Minister
Cheney Hanken
Campus Minister, Gainesville FL
Cheryl & Dale Ramsey
Campus Minister
Chris DeLong
City Director, Fort Wayne IN
Cindy Jordan
Ministry Leader, New York NY
Cindy Wu
Campus Minister in Taipei Taiwan
Craig Olive
Associate City Director, Gainesville FL
Daisy Xu
Campus Ministry Manager
Daniel Chiriluțǎ
Area Leader
Daniel Wang
Associate Campus Minister in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
Danny Walker
National Discipleship Coordinator
Darrell Caldwell
Associate City Mobilizer, Muskingum OH
David Albright
Associate Campus Minister
Dawnita Libby
Campus Ministry Training Specialist
Denise Bailey
Associate Campus Minister, Delaware OH
Dixie Smith
Campus Minister, Gainesville FL
Don Hayes
Financial Consultant
Dylan Woodbury
Ministry Leader, Tempe AZ
Ellen Karel
Ministry Coordinator in Grand Rapids, MI
Erik Santamaria
Social Media Specialist
Esther Chan
Campus Minister
Fabiola Jara
Campus Minister
Florence Yuan
Campus Ministry Manager
Gabe Ramirez
Associate Ministry Leader, Indianapolis, IN
Gabriel Hoffman
Volunteer and Church Coordinator
George Chow
Campus Ministry Leader, Houston TX
Event and Training Coordinator
Gloria Kelios
National Field Director
Grace Hahn
Campus Minister - Chicago
Heather Murray
Campus Minister, Ann Arbor, MI
Hsiang-Ning (Dora) Kung
Cross-cultural Specialist, Texas
Hunter Turner
Associate Ministry Leader in Toledo, Ohio
Janelle Moorman
Video Production Specialist
Jason Pinschenat
National Ministries Director
Jerry Shellhaas
Campus Minister
Jesse Cook
Ministry Partner Development Manager
Jim Cuckler
Ministry Outreach Assistant Director
Jim Gifreda
Area Leader
Jim Hanes
Area Leader, Peoria IL
Jim Nesbitt
Associate Interim Campus Ministry Director
Jon Dudo
Campus Minister
Joy Grace Chen
Associate Campus Minister
Area Director
Kaini Li
Campus Minister
Karen Holderfield
Ministry Leader, Youngstown
Karen Oliver
ISEED Mentor - Key Volunteer
Karlos Smith
Communications Manager
Kasey Smith
Associate Ministry Leader, Lancaster PA
Kate Solis
HR Coordinator
Kayla Brown
Campus Minister
Lee Dubois
Associate Ministry Leader, Athens OH
Leila Gardner
Mission Support Assistant Director
Lilian Samuel
Associate Campus Minister, Grand Rapids MI
Lindsey Hobson
Associate Mobilizer for Korean Outreach, South Korea
Madison Phillips
Campus Minister, Austin TX
Mary Kim
Ministry Coordinator for NYC
Matthew Middleton
IT Team Lead
Michele Kurfees
National Prayer & Staff Care Manager
Mike Burt
Campus Minister
Mike Krajnak
ISEED Coordinator
Mike McKeever
Campus Minister - Lancaster, PA
Mike Yang
Campus Minister
Mona Kach
Associate Campus Minister in Grand Rapids, MI
Campus Minister
Nancie Baker
Executive Assistant
Neema Mwakatobe
Campus Minister, Peoria IL
Nick Miller
Ministry Leader, Chicago IL
Oluwole Oluwashina
Associate Ministry Leader, Arlington TX
Pat Durst
Campus Minister
Paul & Debbie Solano
Associate Campus Ministry Lead and Associate Campus Minister
Paul Niehaus
Development Catalyst
Paula Hanes
Campus Liaison, Peoria IL
Peter & Hannah Putz
Associate Ministry Leader and Associate Ministry Coordinator, Rochester NY
Phil Foell
Area Director
Rachel Sjoquist
Online Content & Administrative Coordinator
Randy Karel
Associate City Mobilizer, Grand Rapids MI
Rich Mendola
Global Ambassador
Rita (Xueyan) Dong
Ministry Coordinator, Lancaster PA
Rod & Kim Friesen
Associate Campus Minister & Associate City Director, East Lansing MI
Russ Sermon
Campus Ministry Manager
Ruthie Gaffner
Ministry Leader - Dallas TX
Ryan Finke
Chief Executive Officer
Samson Wasao
National Training Manager
Sarah Negron Conley
Campus Minister
Satish Moses
Ministry Leader in Washington DC
Scott Holahan
Operations Director
Shania Narcisse
Ministry Coordinator, Tempe AZ
Somita Bucklew
Campus Minister
Sue Kroeger
Associate Communications Specialist
Tara Henderson
Ministry Leader in Tiffin, Ohio
Tiffany Tumino
Associate Campus Minister
Timothy Sliedrecht
Associate Campus Minister in Grand Rapids, MI
Tish Krajnak
Mobilization Administration Assistant
Tosan Otokuefor
Event Coordinator
Viviane Kirezi
National Training Coordinator
Wen Duhon
National Field Coach
Yang Cressman
Campus Minister
Yejin Bae
Campus Minister, New York NY