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Jim Hanes

City Director

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Jim Hanes and group

Jim Hanes and his wife, Paula, served as missionaries in Sénégal, West Africa, from 1998 to 2016. Their roles included church planting/evangelism, discipleship, national mission strategic planning/program development, and small business development/training of local pastors. Their children, Amanda and Aaron, grew up in Sénégal. Amanda has a massage therapy business that she operates out of our home. Aaron is a sophomore at Wheaton College. Paula has fond memories of her family hosting internationals in their home as she grew up. Jim and Paula also enjoyed serving as lay junior high youth pastors from 1988 to 1995. Jim speaks three languages and has a BA (98) in English with a minor in TESOL, as well as an MA (10) in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College.

Jim and Paula see their experience overseas as God’s preparation for serving the needs of international students and partnering with them to make Christ known among the nations. Empathy toward foreigners moving into a new land and needing a “free and friendly space” to be welcomed is one of the guiding motivations for their desire to work with international students. Sénégal is known as the country of “Terranga,” which loosely translated into English means, “hospitality at a deep level.” Jim and Paula learned many valuable lessons from the gracious Sénégalese people on how to host. The Hanes also value praying and encouraging others to do their best and to celebrate their success.

Support needs: Jim and Paula are thankful for a wonderful support team that has given sacrificially over many years to release them to serve among internationals. The current need is care for those who support us, keep them informed of the ministry, and engage them in whatever aspect of ministry interests them.

Prayer requests:

  1. Praise God for the 29 volunteers trained; 19 of them have passed the entire vetting process and are now mobilized for service. We need more; to begin the process of volunteering, please go to: https://eastpeoria.ifipartners.org/get-started/
  2. Praise God for the staff of IFI, who are doing a wonderful job of training all of us for this valuable ministry.
  3. Praise God for the international education staff at ICC; Dr. Barbara Burton and Tia Van. It has been wonderful working alongside them in order to better serve the students’ needs. Pray for their success and that they be blessed by God.
  4. Praise God for strategic people we have met so far; Chi Alpha Pastor Victor Nogueda, Athletic Director Sue Sinclair, and Head Women’s Basketball Coach Karrie Redeker.  Please pray God’s blessing on all these people.
  5. Praise God for the volunteers who have chosen to be part of the City Impact Team; thanks Rebecca, Brent, and Cindy. Pray that God would complete the City Impact Team. We currently have a director, campus ministry lead, campus liaison, and online content and data specialist. We still need a co-campus liaison, community liaison, and volunteer coordinator.
  6. Pray for continued grace with staff, faculty, and students.
  7. Pray that we would remain humble, grateful, and sensitive to students’ needs.
  8. Pray that we would be discerning as to when and how we share the Gospel.
  9. Pray that we would guard our testimony as people who love God, love people, and are seeking to bless the community. (reference Jeremiah 29 as you pray)
  10. Pray for me, Jim, as City Director, to be a resourceful, grateful, and humble leader.
  11. Pray for all of the international students. God move in the hearts of our students and volunteers, so that we all become greater disciple makers of Jesus Christ.
  12. God would help us maintain a happy, healthy, and holy family.
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