Neema Mwakatobe

Campus Minister (Peoria IL)

Give a Gift

About me

I grew up in Tanzania, and moved here almost six years ago. I love learning about different languages, and different cultures. I love socializing with others and being friends with them. I’m a Christian and always open to share my testimonies with others about just how amazing God is. I speak three language and am always open to learning more. I have applied for a religious visa, which will allow IFI to hire me to continue working with international students, making them feel welcomed and comfortable. I know how it feels to be an international student in a foreign country, and I am so excited to help students feel at home.

Ways to partner

I am looking for prayer and financial partners to cover the costs of my position at IFI. I will be working directly with students, spreading the gospel and showing them love and hospitality. All gifts are highly valued, and monthly ones are particularly needed as I start this ministry journey. Please share this opportunity with others and connect them to me, as you feel appropriate. I really appreciate your support.