Dawnita Libby

Campus Ministry Training Specialist

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I love international students! It is such a joy to get to know students from different cultures and discover what are their hopes, ambitions, and dreams. I love to help them feel at home in the U.S.

Imagine going to another country to study. You do not know anyone. You may not speak the language well and may need help understanding basic directions. You do not know how to get around and do not have your own transportation. If you get sick, how will you get to the doctor? Will there be a place to recover from illness or surgery? What will you do for school breaks? Homesickness and loneliness set in, and you wish you had a place you could feel at home and escape when you need to get away. You long for kindness and friendship. This is what international students face when coming to the U.S. to study. I enjoy helping international students and connecting them with local people who can help them feel at home.

For eight years, I served as Coordinator of International Student Support at Corban University, in Salem, Oregon. My vision for helping international students grew as I was able to extend hospitality and friendship while assisting them with life needs. It has been a joy to share God’s love with students and also mentor students who are interested in learning more.

What drew me to IFI was the idea of serving international students through hospitality and friendship out of reverence for Jesus. It has also been a joy to keep in touch with some students who have gone back to their country and are serving there.

My role with IFI is two-fold:
1) Serving International Students in Salem, Oregon – Extending life-changing hospitality and friendship. I am currently serving both Corban and Willamette Universities throuh IFI.

2) Being a member of the National Training team to equip national IFI staff helping them to know how to reach international students with God’s love.

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