Dawnita Libby

Campus Ministry Training Specialist

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I love college students! Their enthusiasm for life is so fresh! I love the fact that they are trying to figure things out for themselves. They are at a place where they no longer want to float along on their parent’s beliefs but are searching for what they believe. What an opportunity to help them come to an understanding of the truth and help them discover that Christianity is not just built on blind faith, but that we have reasons why we can believe!

God first sparked my interest in international students when I was on staff at Southwest Bible Church, in Beaverton, Oregon, working in the college ministry. While there, I was involved with Campus Crusade for Christ, (now CRU), at Portland State University. It was a joy to work with several international students, see some come to know Christ and disciple them. I loved their enthusiasm and desire to know more about Jesus. There is nothing like having someone come to know Christ and then seeing the light turn on as they grow in their faith!

Later, God took me to Liberty University to work as a Resident Director while working on my masters. While there, I saw many students come to faith in Christ. I also began to recognize not only the thrill of seeing someone come to know and follow Christ, but the importance of training up leaders who will be able to make other disciples. I developed a discipleship program and materials to help students become more solid in their faith and also learn to disciple others. We had a basic discipleship leader on each hall, and I met with the leaders each week, equipping them to share the lesson with their own groups.

Several years later, after working in secular jobs, my love for college ministry and desire to make Christ known and equip leaders continued to grow. I came to a place where I told God that I wanted to take it to the world. However, God brought the world to me when He led me to Corban University, in Salem, Oregon, where I work as Coordinator of International Student Support. I have enjoyed serving internationals the last seven years at Corban, extending hospitality and friendship while assisting them with life needs. It has been great to see many students start following Jesus and to mentor them. It has been exciting to equip leaders to go out and make a difference throughout the world for Jesus Christ. When my administrative duties began to grow at Corban, I wanted to be able to focus more on what I know that God has called me to do and began to pray about God’s direction.

What drew me to IFI was the idea of serving international students and partnering with them to make Christ known among the nations. This was already very much my vision as I have had the joy of seeing students that I have worked with go back to their country and make an impact there. I am excited to be a part of IFI and seek to serve internationals through hospitality and friendship out of reverence for Jesus.

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