Abby Zou

Returnee Ministry Coordinator

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Abby has served as a Campus Minister for the IFI Columbus Team since 2014 and the Returnee Ministry Coordinator since 2017. She offers hospitality to students and builds relationships with them through bible discussions, mentorship, and activities. She also practices healing ministry.

Before joining the IFI Team, Abby earned her undergraduate degree in Beijing and master’s degree in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, she served as campus minister at the chaplain’s office at Hong Kong Baptist University. She then came to the United States to pursue her Master’s of Christian Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Abby has long felt a burden for international students. When she was introduced to IFI, she knew it was an organization she wanted to be a part of. The missions of welcoming students through hospitality and sharing the gospel aligned with her own values. Abby loves welcoming new students with different backgrounds to Columbus and IFI.

Abby has the gifts of evangelism, teaching, discipleship and healing ministry. And she has been humbled to see the ways through which the Lord has used her to reach students. She has watched Jesus transform the lives of students who go on to spread the good news in their own sphere of influence.

“[What’s rewarding about working with IFI is] when you see students come to know Jesus, grow, and make an impact; when you see the fruit,” says Abby.

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