Jason Pinschenat

National Mobilization Director

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Let’s reach the world with the good news… together!

Mission: To extend life-changing hospitality and friendship to international students out of reverence to Jesus.

It’s Strategic!
IFI partners with churches and volunteers to reach international students with the gospel. The staff and volunteers practice hospitality and service, build friendships and trust, share the gospel, engage in Bible study and discipleship and send former students back to their homeland as missionaries to their people.

Jason Pinschenat, National Mobilization Director
My job is to help fulfill the Great Commission by recruiting, mobilizing, equipping and coaching workers across the country to engage local churches and volunteers to reach international college and grad students with the gospel and send them as witnesses to the ends of the earth.

EXPONENTIALLY reaching more leaders, churches, students & nations with the GOOD NEWS!

Key Factors that make this ministry and this role important to fulfilling the Great Commission

  • There are 1.3 million international students currently in the United States
  • Most of these students are from countries difficult to reach with the gospel
  • These students are some of the best and brightest students from all over the world
  • Many of today’s leaders all over the world were international students in America
  • Students are open to new things when they come to America (including Jesus and the Bible)
  • Local churches are helping to fulfill the Great Commission and looking for opportunities

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