Jon Dudo

Campus Minister

(Ohio Wesleyan University)

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Jon Dudo

When I was in college, the Lord called me to serve overseas in China and I thought He was crazy. How could I, a backwoods-grown Ohioan, serve overseas without money or connections? God provided. Blessedly, our God does call us into places where we can grow and learn.

Throughout the next years, He would stretch me in many forms of ministry. He helped me meet the right people at the right time as Philip met the eunuch in Acts 8. (side note: I met a student from Ethiopia once when sharing that story! I’ll share more stories like this in my ministry newsletter). I was involved with camp ministry in summers and involved with Cru in college.

During a trip to Hocking Hills, I helped a Chinese student to start following Jesus. Later, I ended up traveling to China with him. During this stay in China, the Lord provided in miraculous ways! What a faithful God we serve! He was surely with me, growing me in faith and grace. If you want to know more, I’ll be posting it in my newsletter along with many other stories of how I live by faith.

Later, while I was working as a naturalist, I felt something was missing. I started volunteering with IFI’s ministry at Muskingum University and I was ecstatic to return. I was even able to take some students to a Christian concert.

Later, I relocated to continued serving in camp ministry, yet was laid off due to COVID. Again, I felt that a part of me seemed to be missing without ministry with international students. Soon, I reconnected with IFI again. I enjoyed again answering the tough questions about apologetics and aiding students in English. Most importantly, I loved sharing the good news.

I enjoy living sacrificially as our Lord and savior has. It’s amazing how God has provided in ways you might not believe. The Lord really confirmed my ministry even to connect to international students later and being able to pray for them about their needs.

I enjoy serving Christ in any measure I can. I have a heart for the nations, youth, and people with disabilities. As Matt Chandler said, I want to be “spiritually worn out for the kingdom of God.” I look forward to continuing to grow as I enter into this role to help start a new IFI ministry at Ohio Wesleyan University and planning trips and scavenger hunts for students in God’s creation. As I venture into this new chapter of ministry, the Lord is forming my skills into a river. Then the Lord opened my eyes to combine my skills with camp ministry and my naturalists skills. I’m really excited to be able to share my passion of God’s creation and apologetics with students. Also I have been able to use my basic mechanical skills to help students with their cars and pray for them, recently helping a student patch a tire!

I’m excited to see how God works to provide as He has and always will! I yearn to spread the Gospel and love of Christ in any way. Pray that I will always have “hard feet and a soft heart” for spreading His word and truth (quote by Jackie Pullinger).

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