Paul Niehaus

Development Catalyst

Give a Gift

God allows this life to be ever-changing and always connecting to significant opportunities. I retired from UPS after 35 years of work in business development. I felt God leading me to challenge the status quo in my life. I knew I wanted to continue to work, but the question was what the work would be. I know doing the same thing didn’t settle with my soul, heart, and mind. I began a process of exploring, with a strong desire whatever the work, it would bring glory to God. It might even involve stepping out from comfort and taking risks with a new career path.

One such day of risk involved how I met with IFI. I traveled 90 miles north of my home to make a connection with a faith-based ministry called NCF that helps with generous giving strategies. Since fundraising was an area I believed the Lord was leading me, I decided it was worth the trip. After the discipleship sharing on giving concluded at the seminar, I started connecting with the other class participants. It was there that Ryan from IFI walked over and heard my desire to work in a new role. A sweet conversation ensued and an invitation to visit the IFI national office occurred. After meeting with Ryan and hearing about the IFI mission, I quickly became excited and encouraged about how I could play a part in supporting God’s work at IFI.

If the Spirit is leading, it might look like risk, but it’s probably God orchestrating something new. I want to be a part of where God is moving and join Him in that work. God orchestrated, now I’m moving with obedience to be at one with the mission of the IFI team. Stepping out from comfort, initiating healthy risk, and following God where I’m led is what I want to be about. I’m “all in” with this new journey and assignment as Development Catalyst.

My wife Ann, and I are moving forward with faith and obedience to this call on our life. I have been married to Ann for an amazing 30 years! I am incredibly blessed to have 2 adult children, Kaila and Kelsey, and am so proud of their nursing careers. I attend Hope Church in Mason, OH. I served as an elder, marriage mentor and, most recently, as the Director of Ministry to Men.

Give a Gift