Michele Kurfees

National Prayer & Staff Care Manager

Give a Gift

During my junior year in college, I began pondering questions about my life: What is my purpose? How should I spend my time? Is there more to life than studying, getting a good job, and settling into a predictable routine?

During that time, I met a friend who shared how God had transformed his life. He spoke of a new sense of purpose and fulfillment that resonated with what I was seeking. I was intrigued. How was this possible? I discovered that I could have a personal relationship with the God who created me, that He desires for me to know Him, and that He has a unique purpose for my life. This was truly good news, but I wondered how it could be possible. I learned that God’s son, Jesus, could cleanse my heart and give me a new life when I put my faith in Him. Through this belief, my heart was transformed, and I found a newfound desire to live differently and embrace a new purpose.

Through traveling and forming friendships with people from diverse cultures, my passion for this grew. I felt a longing to be part of an international community, and I began volunteering with International Friendships, Inc. (IFI). Over the years, my involvement deepened, and I was eventually offered the opportunity to join the staff of IFI. I consider it a great honor to be part of this organization, to serve both the staff and the students who are seeking connection and understanding across cultures through life changing hospitality and friendship out of reverence for Jesus.

Give a Gift