Pat Durst

Campus Minister

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Pat Durst became a follower of Jesus in February 1977 and not long after began taking steps to obey the mandate to make disciples among the nations. The path led to a short-term trip to India and then study and work in California, where Pat was confronted with the many and profound needs of peoples untouched by the Gospel. The next step was to teach English in China.

Once again in Cincinnati in the late ‘90s, Pat joined some friends to offer Bible study meetings for Chinese students and scholars, and an English class for their spouses. This was one of several streams of international student ministry in the city that eventually flowed together to become IFI Cincinnati in 2004. God continues to give Pat opportunities to offer hospitality and friendship to students from a variety of nations, to share life with them, and to make disciples of Jesus.

Please pray for joy throughout the journey!

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