Don Hayes

Chief Financial Officer

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Don followed the Lord’s leading to IFI in November 2013 after hearing about the need for a Director of Finance.  Prior to joining IFI, Don worked for three years in small CPA firms doing consulting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. During this time, Don was searching for just the right place to use his financial experience and leadership skills according to God’s plan.  These skills were developed during a successful 28-year career in corporate accounting that Don left when he volunteered for early retirement.  His business experiences are proving useful in helping Don lead IFI’s financial activities.

Don came to know and follow Jesus Christ at age 19 and participated in an intensive course of Bible study and campus ministry service that was similar to IFI’s current Internship program.  He was actively involved in campus ministry and church leadership during his college years and early working life.

Along with his financial work at IFI, Don desires to invest in young international believers. The spiritual training obtained early in his Christian life and his lifestyle of Christian integrity in the workplace are experiences that Don draws on to influence young believers in IFI’s internship program.

Don also desires to influence American families to become involved in volunteering at IFI as a way of reaching the world for Christ.  Many retired Americans sense the Lord’s leading to do more with their lives.  Developing friendships with international students can be a practical way for retirees to share their life experience and influence students to know Christ and live for Him. Don and his wife, Cheryl, raised their four children in northwest Columbus, and they now enjoy being grandparents.

Please consider if the Lord would have you participate with Don in this ministry of influencing internationals and help change the world one person at a time.  Please contact him by email at  to indicate your partnership in prayer or serving, and/or click on a link on this page to support his ministry financially.

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