Atalie Bale

Communications Manager

Give a Gift

Atalie BaleI first heard about IFI when my parents came home from an IFI event excited about what they had heard. The concept I remember them talking about that night was that the world had come to us, and that it was as simple as offering friendship to someone far from their home. This thought intrigued me. It was the first tug on my heart for international work. As soon as I was able, I became an IFI Conversation partner.

Since that time, I have been blessed by many international friendships and also experienced what it is like to be on the other side, a foreigner in a strange country, receiving the hospitality of the church when I was far from my home. It’s incredible what that means. I have heard it over and over again from students who have said America felt cold until they were invited into a home. I love that IFI enables these kinds of connections to form and that God’s love can be offered to people who may never have heard of Him.

I feel honored to be able to help communicate the value of these relationships through IFI’s communications team. As I look back on how God has led me, I see Him continually giving me opportunities to use my experience as a photographer and designer at home and abroad to bring glory to His name and help tell the stories about what He is doing in our midst.

Give a Gift