Mike & Tish Krajnak

ISEED Coordinator & Mobilization Administration Assistant

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Mike Krajnak has been the ISEED Internship Coordinator for IFI since 2018. He is responsible for designing, developing, and coordinating the 10-month Internship program that trains international students to make disciples. This hands-on program prepares students to share the gospel in their home countries. Students grow in their careers and faith and prepare for wherever God leads them.

Mike has a Computer Engineering degree from Case Western Reserve University and has taught leadership classes for many years. Mike enjoys hiking and photography.

Mike came to faith in Christ through a campus worker at college in 1978. After taking the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course in 2014 and it turned his world upside down. In 2015 he attended the Urbana missions conference and heard God tell him to retire early and start a new student ministry. In 2017 Mike left his job to come full time on IFI staff.

Tish is the Mobilization Administration Assistant at IFI. She is responsible for coordinating administrative volunteer work. Tish has an Associate degree in Accounting from Columbus Business University. She has taken Chinese classes at OSU to better converse with the international students. Tish enjoys jewelry making and teaching.

Mike and Tish have been volunteering for IFI since 2010 and hosted over 60 students in their home. They first met on an international trip to Israel and have been married 32 years. Mike and Tish are blessed to have Joe, a special son. They traveled to China in 1999 to adopt their daughter Renee.

Mike and Tish both have led a weekly investigative International Student Bible studies. They have been on multiple IFI student trips and have been blessed to impact many students through the English conversation program.

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