Madison Phillips

Campus Minister (Austin, TX)

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Madison PhillipsMinistry:

As a Campus Minister in Austin Texas, I am able to see first hand the impact that hospitality and friendship out of reverence for Jesus can have within the lives of students from all over the world. Students open up when they have a community of people that actually care about them, and have such a curiosity and a hunger for truth. I have been able to share God’s love with students who have never experienced it before, and served them both practically and spiritually! 


Born and raised in Central Texas, I grew up surrounded by the boundless love and opportunities of God, and started teaching kids at the age of 13 through my home church. This love was only multiplied as I spent my teenage summers in Ukraine, working with a local church to grow and develop volunteers. By God instilling me with such a strong foundation and unique perspective throughout my childhood, I fell in love with other cultures. This continued on through adulthood, teaching English to Chinese students remotely for over three years, as well as working on my Masters of Theology through Fuller Seminary. God gave me a curious brain and desire to share his love with others! After graduating seminary, God was working to bring International Friendships Inc. right to my door, and presented me with the opportunity to work for IFI as a Campus Minister!

Prayer Requests:

  1. Through all the ups and downs of serving students, that my eyes and faith remain fixed on God and his love and promises. 
  2. That students we work with in Austin would sense the love of God through us.
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