Rita Xueyan Dong

Ministry Coordinator

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I grew up in China and had a rather difficult childhood growing up. Fortunately, God used that process to draw me closer to Him.

I came to America on Christmas Eve 2014. My mom had found a good Christian high school and decided to send me there. God’s mercy became evident in my life after that transition, and the classical Christian education I received opened my eyes to God’s love for me. I got baptized during the Easter season in 2017.

This commitment was greatly challenged once I became a freshman at Franklin and Marshall College. I joined a campus Christian fellowship because I knew I needed to have a Christian community around me, but still, I felt incredibly alone and isolated. During this time, God helped me realize that his true plan for me at college was to train me in becoming a fellow worker with Him. I became a leader in the fellowship and interned for a year with Intervarsity Christian fellowship after graduation. At Urbana 2022, I felt called to work full-time with international students. The Lord led me to IFI, and I am excited to be part of God’s movement in a new region. It is my hope that international students on college campuses find that their lives matter and have purpose in the story that God is creating in the world.

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