The Vision Conference Group

The set date for the vision conference was 28th December 2021 and we were to return on the 1st of January 2022. However, preparations towards this day started way ahead of the set date to make sure everything was in order. As the date approached, the more intense preparations became with focus on details about the number of vans to use versus the number of people going for the vision conference. Amidst the planning that was going on, there was one factor that introduced some element of uncertainty and that was the surge in COVID-19. The increased levels of COVID-19 created a plethora of fear where the possibility of the conference itself at a point was shaky.

We finally left the IFI building at 9am with four vans and we had an interesting drive. We made some stops to take a break. The faces of these wonderful people show how much fun was going on. Relationships were built and friendships made. It was amazing to meet different people, develop conversations with them and get to know each other.

Part II will be coming soon!!!