Hey cyber friends! Are you ready to read about my January?

I am going to give a spoiler: I am going to give you tips of how to reach students from South America. But first I am going to tell you about the training activities of this month.


  1. Bible discussion

This month we are more active in leading the discussion and God has give us grace to do that. The discussions are flowing, and we are having good talks.


  1. Book reading

We finished the book discussion of “The Master Plan of Evangelism” and we began the “Spiritual Equipping for Mission”. The book approaches ten spiritual keys necessary for missionaries/message bearers. But particularly, I think that the book embraces spiritual keys for all kinds of disciples, because all disciples of Jesus are message bearers in some way. I really recommend the reading of this book. We are going to read the chapters 6 and 7. So far, we learnt to being saturated with the powerful presence of God (Key 1), to embrace humility (Key 2), to hungering and thirsting for God (Key 3) and to be clothed with God’s word (Key 4).


  1. Masterlife class

We started the Book 3 – The Disciple’s Victory. We learnt that 1) when we accepted Jesus as our Lord, we automatically changed to his army. We live in a word dominated by the evil, but whose who is in us is greater than who is in the world. And 2) The God’s word is the truth and with it we can defeat the enemy. This week we are learning how the God’s word teaches, rebukes, corrects, and trains us in righteousness.


  1. Events

This month, my husband and I could work in a presentation related to South America culture in the IFI Volunteers training. A Colombian colleague from ISEED training also worked with us in this presentation. And I believe we did a good job together.

So, I am going to give you some tips of how to reach students from South America. There we go!


Religion Situation

  • Most of the students come from catholic homes, but they have shallow knowledge of Jesus and the Gospel. They believe that their relationship with God is brokered by their parents. If their parents pray for them, they are good and protected;
  • Some people believe in Jesus in a religious syncretism. They make a mix of different beliefs. In some cases, Jesus can be the head of the Spirits or just an evolved spirit;
  • Some people think that Jesus in only for those who are poor and sick. They believe that Jesus is necessary only when they are in needing;
  • Some people believe that God is inaccessible, and it is necessary an intermediary to access Him.


Tips to reach students

  • We are warm, friendly, and inviting. We like to hug and a cheek kiss (but some people don’t like that, just be careful);
  • Despite that, we are discreet regarding our personal lives. We don’t like to talk about our personal lives with people, unless we trust;
  • In this case, you must gain their trust first to then reach them. And the perfect way to do that is FRIENDSHIP!
  • Get close of the student. You don’t need to do a big event, just invite for your daily activities. The student is going to note your relationship with God and realize that God is not inaccessible and the relationship with Him is simple and joyful!
  • Be an active listener and learner. Be intentional to know the student. Find out what is important to he/she, how he/she thinks, how he/she feel loved, and respect him/her thoughts and feelings;
  • Serve as you can. You can do simple things as take he/she in the grocery story, prepare a cake, help in a moving, help them in the moment they most need, share meals (we love food). In the middle of the activities, ask how you can pray for the student. Have quick prayers together;
  • In all these activities the love of God for the student is going to flows through your life. The student is going to realize that you are a trustable person because you really care about him/her. The student is like a seed that need to be watered with our testimonies, prayers, advices. In this journey the roots of trust are going to grow, and you will be able to share the gospel to bear fruit. The figure bellow illustrates what is written here. You just need to patient (it requires time) and have perseverance.

Well, that is it! I hope the tips could help you to reach the students of South America. If you want more information, I am open to answer your questions. My email is or .

Have a good month and may God bless you!