A lot has happened this May in the ISEED training. For some of us it was the last month. Usually, the end of something is always intense and full of activities. And with us it was no different, we completed Masterlife book 4 and had a time of communion and celebration (photo below)…


We finished reading and discussing a book. We talk about our training experience to IFI staff. And we even did a presentation at the Equip Conference, about our identity in Christ.

I still have two more classes to finish until October, but the intensity of the activities has decreased considerably. It is a joy to be finishing a training in which I dedicated myself a lot. But what makes me even happier is looking back and seeing what God has done in my life during this time. He is good and faithful!

I don’t know what the next steps will be, but I’m still faithful with the resources and people the Lord has given me. One thing I really understand is that I need to be intentional about making disciples and I’m working on that.

But let me tell you a little bit about my experience at Equip Conference (photo below).

It was a very special time. It is very good to leave everyday life for a few days and focus only on God. The lectures were very good and edifying, but what touched me the most was being in the community. At first, I wanted to get away from having contact with people. I know myself and I know I have a resistance to meeting new people, so I made a bigger effort to be in community. And it was rewarding to meet new people and be welcomed by them. I need to do more of this!

It was so good to be in the midst of believers. But when I got back home and had contact with non-Christian friends, I realized how different we are in many ways. I’ve come to think that we have nothing in common and wonder why I’m maintaining these friendships. As I prayed, God told me that we have one thing in common. I have the love of Christ to give, and they need to receive the love of Christ. And that’s what I’ve been clinging to. Jesus did not say to preach to believers, but to the world.


That is the lesson I learned in the month of May! See you on June!