This last month my wife and I had a big surprise from Lord. We are expecting a baby! We feel so blessed with the amazing news!

Having a child was always in our plans, but we never had a mutual confirmation coming from the Lord. Several times I would say that the time had come, but my wife would say no. Other times she would tell me that was time, but then I would say no. In this February, things changed, one day both of us had the confirmation from God, is hard to explain, but was different than past times when I thought that was time. This time I was sure about it, I had this strong feeling that finally God had said yes. The confirmation was even clearer when I talked to my wife and she also had the confirmation.

That is God`s plan for us! At a moment where we don’t know what will happen in the future, God already said that he sent us this blessing and He will take care of us. I am seeing that God is providing to our family. I am seeing that He has placed good people around us to help in this moment. I am seeing that He is in the control of everything.

My prayers are that I will remain trusting in the Lord, surrendering everything to His will. I pray for God’s  wisdom, that I will be a loving father, just like He is to us.