In the 1980’s, God grew IFI and taught us more about building relationships and sharing the good news cross-culturally.  He blessed IFI with a solid core of volunteers who committed themselves to serve internationals.  Some of these volunteers are still active today!  Others have moved on to other ministry opportunities, retired, or gone overseas to serve other nations such as China, Thailand, Cote d’Ivoire, and Ecuador.

From the very beginning, God linked IFI with The Navigators.  In 1988, this tie was strengthened as the IFI staff became Associate Staff with The Navigators, a partnership that enabled IFI to network around the world and become more effective in mentoring and equipping internationals and training American volunteers.

Phil and Mabel each established a Bible study for internationals.  Gradually, attendees began to experience Jesus inviting them into an loving relationship with Him.  They saw Him in His word and in Phil, Mabel, and their helpers.  Some internationals accepted His invitation and took Jesus back home with them to places like Indonesia, Malaysia, China, S. Korea, and Japan.