Each day after reading the Bible, missionary to China, teacher, and Olympic runner Eric Liddell ended his “morning quiet” with these six questions:*

  1. Have I surrendered this new day to God, and will I seek and obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit throughout its hours?
  2. What, especially, have I to thank You for this morning, Lord?
  3. Lord, is there any sin in my life for which I should seek Your forgiveness and cleansing– any apology or restitution to make?
  4. For whom do You want me to pray this morning, Lord?
  5. What bearing does this morning’s Bible passage have on my life, and what do You want me to do about it?
  6. What do You want me to do today and how do You want me to do it?

* Adapted from Run to Glory by Ellen Caughey, Barbour Publishing Inc, ©2000, p. 176; P.O. Box 719, Urichsville OH 44683 (www.barbourbooks.com)