Onwell arrived from Zimbabwe in 2019 to major in Business Administration. Before journeying to the US, Onwell contacted IFI for airport pickup. “I felt safe with IFI because I arrived at night, clueless, and they took care of me and provided me with everything I needed for the night.”

While new in the US, Onwell experienced some very real needs. Back home, Onwell’s father was the only one working in the family, so money was tight. “IFI friends helped me with grocery money when I didn’t have any,” he says. IFI was also able to provide transport to the grocery store, barbershop, and church, as well as IFI events. “The events IFI set up for us are really fun and we really appreciate them. Easter egg hunting, indoor golf, Christmas parties, and Share Your Culture night were all events that I went to.”

“They go out of their way to help international students like me.” -Onwell

At the Share Your Culture night, students were encouraged to bring food from their countries they made themselves. Since IFI events often try to involve a deeper component, volunteers in charge of the event asked Onwell to share on the subject of kindness. “I was nervous and I went to my Bible to try to remember stories that matched with the event. I thought the Good Samaritan was a good match because he helped someone he didn’t know and I think that’s what IFI is doing; they go out of their way to help international students like me.”