Coming from Mexico to the U.S. to finish his PhD was very difficult for Juan.

“My fiancée and I had just broken up and I was under a lot of pressure academically. I felt completely hopeless.”

Phil, an IFI worker, invited Juan to his Bible study repeatedly. Whenever Juan came, he “felt at peace among good people, studying the Bible.”

Although he grew up knowing about God, neither Juan nor his family actively followed Him. Eventually, Juan’s pressures became too much.

“One day over lunch at Phil and Ellen’s home, I confessed and repented of my sins and experienced a peace and joy like never before!”

As Juan grew deeper into Jesus, he shared what he was learning with his family back home. At first they were skeptical, but later felt the same yearning for God that Juan had experienced.

Today, all of Juan’s family have renewed their faith and are getting baptized. Dr. Juan also leads a Bible study for his coworkers in the U.S.!