As the young wife of a visiting scholar from China, D. gave birth to their first son in the United States. Early in 2020, during the Chinese New Year, she and her husband arranged for their son to meet his family and experience Chinese culture back home. Little did they know COVID-19 would keep them separated from their 2-year-old as restrictions tightened.

“My baby and I have been separated almost one year,” says D. Though this time has been difficult, she appreciates the care, sympathy, and prayers she’s received from the IFI’s mom’s group.

In her spare time, D. began practicing her English through online meetings with her IFI English partner, Abby. Soon, their conversations turned to trust in Jesus.

“I believed there was a God in the universe before I knew about the Bible,” says D. Seeking truth in the midst of the darkness, D. was curious about what Abby believed.

“Abby answered my questions about the Bible very patiently.”

One day D. texted Abby saying that she would like to start following Jesus, but she still had many questions. They chatted on Zoom for two and a half hours. At the end of the talk, D. took the step God had been guiding her towards all along and began a relationship with Jesus.

This trying year has brought D. closer to God even while she has been separated from her son. She says, “There are a lot of terrible things in the world and within humanity. Just like God said, we are all sinners. Compared with the ugliness, why not choose God?”