In 2019, Montserrat moved to the U.S. from Mexico in hopes of finding a better life.

However, her physical disability, disconnect with American culture, and the struggle to make ends meet made her feel like a burden. The land of the free didn’t feel so free, after all. 

Things began to change when a new Spanish friend introduced her to IFI. After that, she kept being invited to IFI dinners, grocery runs, and cultural events. IFI provided transportation too, which was crucial considering her disability. 

In addition, Montserrat began to understand her relationship with Jesus differently through IFI Bible discussions. She had always thought she had to meet certain criteria, but what she learned at IFI was that Jesus accepts people based on what he did for them, not their own worthiness. 

“IFI was not forceful,” Montserrat said. “I became persuaded because of the freedom I had to choose whether I wanted to believe or not. It made me want to listen to what they had to say.”

Slowly but surely, it clicked. She found what she had been desperately looking for– people to call family, places to call home, and the truth that she could rest easy because her burdens were taken care of by those around her and Jesus. 

“A home is not just a roof over your head,” Montserrat stated. “It’s the relationships you have with the people around you. IFI became my family and made me feel welcome and at home. They accept you for who you are and no matter what, they’re there.”