Ruixue from ChinaRuixue found practical,  emotional and spiritual help from her new IFI friend

Before Ruixue arrived in America, she had no knowledge of Christ or God.

“I had heard that many Americans are Christians, but I didn’t know what it meant to be one,” she says.

She traveled from China to continue her education in the U.S. Upon arrival, she was greeted in the airport by an IFI volunteer, Cathy, who welcomed her and drove her to her new apartment.

Not having a car made buying groceries and finding furniture tough for Ruixue. When Cathy offered each weekend to drive both her and her roommate to the store, she was amazed!

Through her friendship and car rides with Cathy, Ruixue, heard many stories about Jesus.

“My IFI friend helped me so much even though she didn’t know me. That was my first experience with an American or a Christian.”

It was all new information for Ruixue and after three years she began to understand what it meant to be a Christian.

Nearly a year later, Ruixue was heartbroken. She found out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her. She met with Cathy, looking for help.

“I decided to have faith in Jesus and I know He will never betray me. Cathy was a big help during this process.”