When Haichen arrived in the United States from China in early 2017, it was evident immediately to volunteers who met him that he was seeking something.

“I know there’s more to life than education and money. I want to know truth,” he would say.

Haichen was connected to an IFI Bible Study, and then to an IFI conversation partner in July. He began peppering his conversation partner with probing questions about the Bible and who God was. His conversation partner eventually connected Haichen to close friends of theirs, Robb and Holly, who spoke Chinese and were able to address Haichen’s questions in his native language.

As Haichen began attending small group Bible studies with Robb and Holly, he experienced a love and patience from Christians that deeply impacted him. “Haichen was acutely aware of a relational vacuum in China, and sensed something missing. When he experienced close friendships, combined with the faithful prayer of those who met him, I think it made a big impact,” said Robb.

Robb and Haichen began meeting weekly to read the Bible, covering Genesis (creation, the fall), and the Exodus, showing how the story of the Passover demonstrates God’s rescue plan for all people. They then jumped into John, where Robb helped Haichen see that Jesus was the fulfillment of the “Passover lamb” from Exodus.

By the time they got to John 3, Haichen found hope in Jesus as his own “Passover lamb!” Robb is now mentoring Haichen grow in his faith and prepping him for his transition back home, where life will be very different.

Haichen’s story is a strong reminder of the multi-faceted approach God takes with those who are seeking for answers. Many factors played a role in Haichen finding answers that satisfied a deep longing, and began a spiritual journey that could impact many others like him.