Almost everything felt strange to Leo when he first came to the US from China in November 2019 to work toward earning a PhD in management.

Thankfully, he connected quickly with David, his conversation partner through IFI. “David has helped me quite a lot to learn US culture.”

Leo soon learned that David follows Jesus. Leo had heard little about Jesus until he started attending a Bible discussion group at David’s house.

“David has told lots of stories about Jesus to me and my friends.”

Leo continued to be impressed by the kindness shown by David and his wife. David welcomed Leo’s strong interest in Bible discussion and the several friends Leo invited into the group.

In early 2020 Leo joined the Washington DC trip led by IFI and again felt impressed by the followers of Jesus he met on the trip including his local host family. “They were all very friendly and gave me much help. I really appreciate their kindness.”

These positive experiences led Leo to decide this summer to follow Jesus! How has his faith grown since then? “Whenever I have questions, David will patiently help me to find answers,” notes Leo, who has embraced his new life by continuing studies with David and other friends.

“David and I meet every Saturday to learn the Bible, which I think is a good way for me to know the Bible and improve my oral English.”


*Photos have been changed for safety reasons.