Growing up in Singapore, Kenneth followed his parents to church but never really believed in Christ. “I only turned to God in times of desperation when all hope was lost,” he says.

Kenneth knew only one person when he came to Ohio in 2017 for his first job. When that person invited him to an IFI Bible discussion group, he attended with the motive of making more friends. “I read the Bible as poetry,” he admits. Slowly, God started working on his heart.

“Being an engineer, I do not accept things without hard truth. I started reading books like Case for Christ and Reason for God to examine logical reasoning. I also read Genesis and Romans in the Bible which I particularly like because they are very logical.”

Over time, Kenneth started to see a difference between Christianity and other religions: all other major faiths had founders who claimed to show the way to salvation, but only Jesus claimed to be the way of salvation himself.

“Convincing my brain that Jesus is real was relatively easy. The most challenging part was to find my true underlying doubts, to no longer be the captain of my ship, and let Jesus direct me instead.”

Kenneth admits that being born again does not mean someone immediately becomes a saint. “You merely accepted the free gift from God and you are now a spiritual baby. You need guidance and discipleship.” Thankfully, God gave him a community for learning and growing through IFI!