“Mike is my Bible teacher,” says Allen. “I’ve learned a lot in his class and grown up quickly.” This alone is notable, but what’s more interesting is that Mike and Allen have never met in person.

Although Allen knew about Jesus through his grandmother, he didn’t originally believe in him. He thought even if Jesus provided psychological comfort, he couldn’t solve everyday problems.

His perspective changed in February 2022 after attending a virtual bible discussion for a year led by an IFI staff member, Mike. Through the study, Allen realized his personal need for Christ and later became a believer in Jesus. Today, Allen feels that studying the Bible has empowered him to better navigate life’s difficulties.

“I felt the joy of studying the Bible.” – Allen

“Everyone was very friendly, answered questions, solved doubts, and improved each other” he says.

In the chaotic first days of the pandemic, many international students found themselves unexpectedly returning to their home countries. Looking to make the most of the situation, IFI turned to virtual meetings to connect with students while apart. News spread, and people who never have been to America heard of Mike’s study.

Alongside Allen, Maggie and Aaron also attend the virtual meetings from Asia. “The discussion of the Bible became a very important thing for me,” shares Maggie, who says it cured her depression.

For Aaron, the discussion helped him manage fears of the pandemic. “I have been following Jesus since I started studying at IFI. Since then, I have seen God’s love for me.” All have grown a deep appreciation for allowing the Bible to transform their lives.

Despite the unfortunate reality of the pandemic, these virtual bible studies became a much-needed space for students to find peace. Today, they continue to be a source of joy for the members!

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