Lina met an IFI volunteer who had visited her hometown — as if God had connected them

The first months were hard for Lina. When she arrived in the U.S. in 2018, she didn’t have a car, so getting around town wasn’t easy. Meeting people was difficult too.

Soon after she started her studies in engineering, Lina learned about IFI through her
college. She was eager to join an international group like this to make new friends.

At a fall event, she met Bethany, an IFI volunteer who had recently spent 6 weeks in Bogotá,
Colombia, Lina’s hometown! They connected instantly, talking through the night about Lina’s country and culture.

They edged up to a bonfire as Bethany helped Lina cook her first s’more. Although it began to
rain lightly, the two friends still enjoyed taking a hayride and eating dinner in the barn.

“For me, that was a really American experience,” Lina said. “We don’t have seasons in Colombia, so I love fall!”

“I believe God always helps me. I believe he guides me to the right people at the right time, including friends and support in this new country.”

The two friends continued to meet up and talk. When Lina’s boyfriend proposed, Bethany helped Lina shop for her wedding dress. Now living in different cities, Bethany and Lina still keep in touch. Thank you for helping students like Lina!