A South Korean student learns English, follows Jesus, then forms a long-term mentorship relationship via Skype.

When Keith met Eun at an IFI Bible discussion, they found areas of common ground: both were married and had children about the same age.

But being able to talk about these areas was an entirely different matter, given Eun’s limited grasp of English. The two agreed to meet weekly to develop Eun’s language skills and get to know each other.

At first, Keith and Eun’s conversations stalled when neither had the right words to continue. They learned to simply change topics and continue.

Several months before Eun finished his degree, their conversations focused more and more on spiritual things. Just weeks before Eun and his family returned home, Eun invited Christ into his heart.

Knowing he would soon return to South Korea, Eun suggested they maintain contact via Skype, which the two men have continued every Sunday, for nearly 10 years.

“Mentoring long-term is hard, but the closeness you develop with each other and God is worth the effort.” – Keith

Eun reads difficult passages during the week and often shows up for their weekly calls with questions.

Keith’s advice to anyone considering long-distance mentoring?

“Keep notes on your conversations, which will help you identify topics for discussion and help you remember things about their life. Be intentional; discuss areas that address current life concerns.”