When Frank arrived in the US to pursue his masters in Public Administration and Politics, he immediately noticed cultural differences from his home in Ghana. “I saw the US was more individualistic and that one could be in an apartment and not know who their neighbors were,” he recalls. Besides his roommate, he really didn’t know anyone. “I was looking for a good community to be a part of.”

That fall, he was invited to an IFI Thanksgiving event where he connected with leaders and volunteers. He’s been involved ever since!

“The volunteers became and have remained friends who continue to be a blessing to me.” – Frank

In 2020, Frank saw the Lord provide for him through IFI once again. As COVID spread, Frank lost half of his funding for school and his on-campus job as well. “I needed to find an internship before the semester began,” he recalls. It was then that IFI offered him an Administrative Coordinator internship. “This opportunity was timely and an answer to prayers,” Frank says. “With this support I was able to graduate in May this year.”

Now that he has graduated, Frank is looking to stay in the US and possibly continue serving with IFI. He says, “Being away from family and what is familiar can be difficult to navigate without support. IFI helps students overcome some of these challenges by creating a sense of belonging for international students. So thankful!”