Vishak was introduced to IFI through a Welcome Event, where he connected with IFI interns (and international students) Dora and Smita.

“Dora and Smita helped me feel at home. They even surprised me on my birthday with cake and presents! I never expected that,” says Vishak. “Smita also introduced me to other IFI interns and staff. They are such amazing people!”

Vishak recalled building a snowman for the first time with his IFI friends. “This was a special experience for me – we don’t have snow where I come from!” he says.

Another first was being invited out to an IFI Bible study. “The experience was just amazing. I met a lot of wonderful souls who had a different perspective of life and views which intrigued me and made me stick around,” says Vishak.

“Without the events and people at IFI, I would not have had the opportunity to feel the warmth and love that I am receiving now.”

The Bible study became a staple of Vishak’s routine, something he began looking forward
to every week and valued as much as he
valued school.

“I’m so grateful to Dora and Smita for introducing me to so many people and experiences,” says Vishak. “IFI staff and volunteers showed me there is a way to feel at home in a foreign land, and that there are people who love you no matter what!”