Taozhen’s relationship with an IFI volunteer family, which continues to this day, had its roots in Christmas.

“I first met my host family in Medina, Ohio, via an IFI Christmas trip, back in 2009,” says Taozhen. “I was their very first international student and the family welcomed me in with open arms. They took me to the zoo, to Christmas caroling, we watched movies, made cookies – we even decorated a Christmas tree together!”

From there, a relationship blossomed that followed Taozhen back to China 10 years later. “We’ve been in touch ever since,” she says.

What was most significant about their relationship? “Most importantly, they showed me what Christmas is really about – the birth and celebration of Jesus our Lord,” recalls Taozhen.

Through her stay in the U.S., Taozhen decided to trust Jesus too and even served other students while interning with IFI in Columbus.

Now living in China, Taozhen helps build up the faith of other young Chinese believers.