Snow was coming down hard in Columbus in the winter of 2019 and church services had just been canceled. With her morning now open, Qin*, an ISEED intern at IFI, felt God asking her to call her brother back home in China.

As Qin talked with her brother, she realized he was searching for something — truth.

Although Qin had started following Jesus in college, the rest of her family continued traditions of ancestor worship. Just a couple months before, she and her brother had lost their stepdad. This difficult experience had shaken her family, but it had also provided an opportunity for Qin to reconcile with her stepdad before he passed away and show her family the power of God through forgiveness.

“I believe everyone has a right to truth,” she shared over the phone with her brother. “If you are seeking truth, you should search for it until you find it.”

His response surprised her: “OK, then I want to study the Bible with you.” Over the next few months, her brother, mom, sisters, and aunt all came to a saving faith in Jesus! This is just one example of what God can do when hearts are open to his leading.

*Name and photos have been changed for safety reasons.