Ruth transferred to the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT ) in fall of 2021 to pursue her Masters in Technology, Innovation, Management and Entrepreneurship. Coming from Kenya originally, she says the first semester was pretty tough. “I didn’t know I could be affected by the weather so much with it getting dark early and being so cold.”

Immediately after the end of fall semester, she got involved in IFI. “The IFI team has set a wonderful example for me in terms of how to live as a follower of Jesus. Always, people’s deeds speak louder than their words,” she says, adding that she has been especially impacted by Hannah, the Ministry Coordinator in Rochester. “Hannah always reminds me that whatever I have is not for myself, whether it is skills, education, or finance. It is meant to be shared.”

Ruth has put this lesson to immediate action by using her skills to benefit other students in Rochester. Hannah says Ruth is “a champion for all things IFI” and has used her skills in web development to help IFI with social media and website design in addition to serving other students.

“I’m inspired to lend a hand.” – Ruth

Having gone through it herself, Ruth knows what it is like to be an international student and wanted to offer a helping hand and community to others when they first arrived.

“They are quick to trust me because I am a student, so I can be a kind of ambassador for IFI!” she says. “I’m inspired to lend a hand and share with my friends and neighbors what God has blessed me with.”