PiyushPiyush’s journey to the United States ran into problems early. “My flight (at JFK airport in New York) got delayed over 36 hours,” Piyush recalls. Though spending his first night stateside in an airport wasn’t part of the plan, Piyush was grateful he’d been connected with IFI volunteers, David and Carole, before his arrival.

David and Carole stayed in touch with him and prayed for his safe arrival. “It was a very chaotic beginning,” says Carole, “and we were very glad we could help him with the transition!” When Piyush’s flight finally landed, he was relieved to meet David and Carole in person, who later helped him move in and furnish his new apartment near campus.

Over the following two years, the friendship that developed included sharing culture, food, and personal struggles. Although Piyush was not from a Christian background, he was open to hearing David and Carole share their testimonies and the good news about Jesus.

For his part, Piyush says Carole and David were like “parents away from home. I feel lucky I had someone to talk to in this foreign land. I owe big thanks to David and Carole and to IFI for helping new international students like me!”