Krishna traveled from Indonesia to the US in 1981 to study Science and Engineering. Despite much academic success, Krishna experienced relational and financial troubles after graduation that drove him to search for answers.

Coming from a traditional Muslim family, Krishna prayed five times a day but became frustrated when he didn’t receive any guidance from Allah. One night, he prayed to the “real-God-whatever-His-name-is” for help. Immediately he saw a vision. A voice spoke to him, challenging Krishna’s trust in his own knowledge.

Convicted, Krishna decided to learn more about this prophet called Isa (Arabic for “Jesus”). A fellow Indonesian student soon invited him to a local IFI Bible discussion group. It was there that Jesus started speaking to his heart.

Krishna’s relationship with Jesus began in 1984. He was mentored by a faithful leader of IFI and continued to grow in his trust in God. As he started his career in the US, God grew a desire in his heart to help his people back in Indonesia.

Before returning home in 2018, he helped start an outreach organization that conducts English camps and church planting in Indonesia. He also began introducing Jesus to seeking Muslims online, which today generates more than 1 million interactions every month.

After nearly four decades in the US, God led Krishna and his wife to move back to Indonesia, where they currently live and serve.

*Photos have been changed for safety reasons.