When Sheng came to the US to pursue his doctorate, he was an atheist seeking answers. As a mathematics major, he already questioned the probability that our well-ordered universe was formed by random chance. Even so, he was not ready to believe in the existence of God.

Upon arriving in the US, Sheng was hosted by an IFI volunteer and made friends through IFI activities. “Even though I liked to hang out with them, I didn’t accept their beliefs because I believed that being a loving person does not indicate that what one believes must be true,” says Sheng.

Sheng began to attend an IFI discussion group to understand Western culture. To his surprise, he found that the Bible was amazing.

“Many verses really spoke to my heart,” says Sheng.

The explanations from the leaders helped him understand that there were logical reasons to believe what the Bible said.

The existence of God became more and more compelling. Sheng had read in the Bible, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find,” and began to seek God in prayer.

One night as he was lying in bed, Sheng asked God, “Can I follow you?” Immediately, a pure, white light shone in his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, everything was still dark outside. “I believed that this light was not created by my brain since I had never seen anything like this and nothing similar had ever happened before.”

Since that time, Sheng began to follow Jesus. He is currently one of IFI’s ISEED interns where he is continuing to learn who God is on a deeper level.