Wendy* arrived in the U.S. in the summer of 2017 to pursue a degree in accounting at The Ohio State University. Raised in China, she found her new life in America quite disorienting.

On top of being immersed in a completely different language and culture, Wendy felt surprised at how difficult it was to navigate the city without access to the subway systems she was used to in China. These limits significantly increased her feelings of isolation, and through a combination of factors, she soon grew lonely and homesick.

During this difficult time, Wendy was invited to an IFI Bible Discussion. In addition to the discussion, students and staff chatted over good food that evening. The gathering struck Wendy as warm and family-like, a refreshing change from the loneliness she had been experiencing. Although she did not initially resonate personally with the Bible discussions, she could not forget the warmth she had felt.

“I invited God to come and heal my depression.”

However, Wendy’s thoughts about Jesus soon began to change after a specific event. “All I remember now is I did a prayer where I invited God to come and heal my depression,” Wendy recalls. Following this prayer, her depression began to lift, replaced by a new peace. “After this prayer,” she says, “I started to believe there is a God in this world and I started to believe in Jesus.”

Today, Wendy is very grateful to IFI for its hospitality to international students. For her, it made all the difference!

*Name and photo has been changed for safety reasons