In 2022, Jade* moved from Asia to the States for her master’s degree. She’d always been curious to travel and see the world, so when she got the opportunity to study in the US, she was thrilled. 

But there was sorrow in the joy, as it meant leaving her family and everything she ever knew behind.

“Being away from home was hard, but it was my dad’s wish and my dream, too,” Jade said. “And I knew I’d be more educated and better for my family once I returned.”

Thankfully, she was able to connect with IFI on campus, as she saw their booth sign from a distance. The name was what attracted her. 

“It read ‘International Friendships’,” Jade remarked. “Who doesn’t want friendship?!” 

Jade’s first-ever IFI event was a dinner with a local family. It was a perfect match; they made her feel right at home. 

“The events enriched me!” Jade said. 

And it didn’t stop there.

Jade got connected with an IFI volunteer who ended up sharing about Jesus. Jesus was foreign to her, but this was the start of her faith journey. Little by little, her heart was opened to a different kind of love, one she had never experienced before.

“I love this love!” Jade stated. “I didn’t know how people could love me unconditionally, but now I know– it’s all because of Jesus.”


*student name and photo changed to protect privacy