Mei kept hearing how awesome the Vision conference would be. She didn’t realize God would use it to open her heart to Him.

Mei* came to the U.S. from China a year ago to double major in Sociology and International Relations. Her knowledge of God was limited. “At that time, I was just playing the role of an outsider. I thought religion was fine and it was good to have religion, but I wasn’t going to devote myself to it.”

“God helped me grow closer to Him by showing me His disciples…”

When Mei arrived in the U.S., she started to make friends with people from IFI. “God helped me grow closer to Him by showing me His disciples — in other words, people from IFI. They’re very nice and kind people, and also very committed to Him. This made me wonder why so many good people all believe in Him faithfully.”

This led Mei to attend the Vision Conference over New Years 2020 with a group of 24 from IFI.

“I decided to go to the conference at the last minute. I became friends with IFI people and they kept telling me that it would be really fun and we would talk about a lot of deep questions and it would be a life-changing experience. So I said, ‘Why not?’” During one of the break out sessions, a young woman in Mei’s group shared her testimony and God started tapping at the door of Mei’s heart.

“The only reason I kept telling myself to not commit to God is I needed more proof and I felt insecure giving a person so much trust. But at that moment, there was a thought in my mind: maybe I don’t need to fully know about God to believe in Him. Maybe I just need to start.” That day, Mei opened herself up to the work of God and took the step to follow Jesus too.

*Name and photos have been changed for safety reasons.