Matthias (left) pictured with his brother Paul above.

Conversation partnerships lead to enjoyable friendship and open spiritual dialog.

Matthias found America welcoming and spiritually enlightening, thanks in large part to his experience with IFI.

Matthias says he always wanted to live in America. When he was offered a soccer scholarship to a Midwestern U.S. University, it was an easy decision to pack his bags for the States. Before leaving home, he signed up online for an IFI Conversation Partner.

Not long after arriving, Matthias was strolling through a campus activities fair and ran into the IFI volunteer who had received his sign-up form weeks earlier. “When I walked by their tent, he came straight up to me as if he knew me!” says Matthias.

Matthias was invited to gatherings at the volunteer’s house, including Bible discussions.

“I never read the Bible before. Everything was quite strange, but I am an open-minded guy,” says Matthias. Although Matthias can attend only during soccer’s off-season, he is one of the most open and engaged participants in the discussion.

Matthias receives help with transportation and practical needs from his IFI friend, the type of kindness that Matthias finds striking.