Build A “God Box” to Build Faith

Gloria Kelios (IFI Dayton OH staff) uses a “God Box” to remind herself of God’s faithfulness, provision, answered prayers, and healing in her life.  What started 5 years ago as a reminder to herself has now become a vehicle for sharing God’s faithfulness with international students! Gloria’s God Box is a collection of small items […]

Responding Graciously to 8 Baffling Cultural Differences

How do you respond when you are baffled by something your international student does?  Karen Oliver (IFI Columbus staff) offers this advice: “Always think the best of the other person’s motives,” and “Be ready to ascribe different behaviors to different cultural orientations.”  Karen shared one such experience: International guests often take a mug, plate, or […]

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Will My Gift Help or Hurt?

Around Thanksgiving time, many people thank God for the blessings He’s given them and look to pay His gifts forward to causes they believe in. Our giving reflects the heart of our Creator God, who did not withhold even His own Son from us! (Romans 8:32) IFI depends on God to supply everything we need–physically, […]

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The Importance of Praying with International Families

“By prayer, we couple the powers of heaven to our helplessness… and make the impossible possible.” – O. Hallesby Without prayer, nothing happens—no glory for God, no movement of hearts toward God.  Praying for internationals and their families is powerful, but praying with them requires both the faith that God hears and answers our prayers and […]

Four Tips for Raising Student Leaders

Do you see leadership potential in someone near you? Perhaps that “seeing” is God saying, “Come work with Me to help this person grow into the leader I’ve made him/her to be!” If your heart is with God’s work among international students, we hope that you will use these tips—and that’s what they are, not […]

Turning Cultural Blunders into Bridges

In IFI, particularly at events to welcome new students, we start to get to know people who don’t look like us and don’t see the world the way we do, to experience life with them while they live among us.  Our desire is to be an effective and authentic living picture of Christ to those […]

How to Love Muslims Through Prayer

“Only ask, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the whole earth as your possession.” (God the Father to His Son, Psalm 2:8) “If you don’t pray, nothing happens.” Daryl A., volunteer, Cleveland OH The fervent prayer of the righteous in Christ can effect much good (James 5:16,) even in the face […]

Preparing to Host a Student Long-Term

We offer this article for four reasons: 1) To give God glory for how He expresses His generous, nothing-to-hide hospitality through long-term hosting, 2) to share the thoughts and experiences of three long-term host families with very different life situations, 3) to inspire you to consider long-term hosting—which is sought continually by international students—and/or 4) […]

Pump New Vitality into your Church with IFI!

Sarah, a new IFI volunteer, felt more alive since becoming an English Conversation Partner to female students from China and Japan. Her world was expanding! God was using her! But Sarah’s church, which had blessed her for years, seemed to be shrinking. She longed to put her new aliveness into her church! Could partnering with […]


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