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History & Onward

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2000s: Expansion of Sites and Services

By 2000, IFI had grown to the point that we needed to relieve Rich and others of administrative duties so they could continue to work directly with internationals.  IFI hired a part-time Financial Director and Development Director positions that became full-time within 10 years.  God also brought a volunteer to relieve [...]


New Ministry Locations

Around 2008, IFI leaders began talking about and asking God to multiply IFI.  God is answering those prayers abundantly!  As international student ministries realized they could be a part of God’s love being experienced over the whole world, more people are catching the vision and joining IFI’s work as volunteers or [...]


New Staff Positions

With the growth in staff outside of Columbus, IFI leaders realized they needed help in overseeing, encouraging, resourcing, guiding, and inspiring new staff.  A National Field Director position was created for those purposes in 2013, and Bruce Fulcher, a professional counselor with many years’ experience serving refugees and immigrants, was hired [...]


Growing ISM by Training Others

Expanding the ministry has meant expanding the infrastructure of IFI.  In 2012, Jerry Shellhaas, who had been on the campus ministry staff, accepted the position of Facilities Manager to care for IFI’s building and oversee the apartments above it.  A trained accountant was hired to oversee the Finance Department, and God [...]

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