About IFI

International Friendships, Inc. is a registered Ohio State University student organization and Christian community group seeking to promote friendship and hospitality for international students. The students participating are from a variety of countries. Staff members work closely with volunteers from local churches to provide various services that address the social, cultural, and spiritual interests of international students. Our activities are open to students from all cultural and religious backgrounds.

International Friendships, Inc. began in 1979 and is based in Columbus, Ohio. It is a, non-denominational organization dedicated to befriending, serving, sharing about Jesus, and discipling international students. A growing staff and volunteer network from many local churches in the area are reaching out to a variety of ethnic groups. Each staff member is a faith missionary, depending on the Lord to provide financial and prayer support through churches and individuals.

IFI also partners with affiliate organizations who share our vision and augments what we do.