Somita Bucklew

Campus Minister

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Current Responsibilities

I am excited to join staff with IFI, so I can continue to share the love and hope of Jesus with OSU students from India and students of Hindu background. My basic responsibilities will be:

• Leading in the Yeshu Satsang Bible study

• Organizing cultural events for Indians

• Working with Indian student associations

• Meeting students and showing them the love of Christ, including clearing up the huge misconception that one needs to abandon Indian community, culture, and family to follow Jesus

• Training volunteers for the Indian Friendship Team and others who would like to love and serve their friends from Hindu background

• Mentoring Indian and other Hindu background students


Being from Kolkata, India originally, I was adamantly against Christianity until I was 25. I had misconceptions about Christians and Jesus, like many Indians, and was heavily involved in Hinduism. When I came to actually understand who Jesus really was, I felt especially burdened to share Him with everyone especially my fellow Indian countrymen. I got involved and led in various church work but continued to feel burdened to share the love and hope that Jesus gives to other Indians. I started learning from mentors, various training resources, studied the Bible, apologetics, Hindu scriptures, deeper study of Indian history and different regional cultures to learn how to best do that. Though originally I had a desire to move back to India, about 6 years ago, I had an opportunity to volunteer with IFI. What a wonderful gift it has been to impact students who would later impact family, friends, colleagues, and others in India. Over the years, I have had the privilege to see God already use me in many of the responsibilities you see above in my job description.

After much prayer and waiting on God’s will and timing, I recently accepted an offer of a campus minister position for the Indian Friendship Team. My husband, John, and I believe it will be the perfect job with my background, giftings, vision, and burden. I’m excited to see the way God will provide.

Support Needs

To serve with IFI long-term as a Campus Minister, I need to partner with monthly financial supporters in order to be fully released into my role as Campus Minister.

I also am looking for prayer partners, who can lift up the following requests of the Indian Friendship Team:

• Pray we can help Hindus understand the gracious plan of God in Christ.

• Pray we can offer discipleship to many Indian, Nepali, and other students of Hindu background.

• Pray for students to grow in faith and eventually join the IFI Hindu Friendship Team as volunteers or staff to mentor other students.

Thank you for collaborating with me to bless these students and nations. May God bless you!

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