Cindy Wu

Campus Minister in Taipei Taiwan

International Student Outreach in Taiwan

  • Befriending and Mentoring International Students
  • Mobilizing and Equipping volunteers

I am an American born and bred person of Chinese descent. My parents were immigrants to the US from Taiwan. After graduating university, I moved to Taiwan without any intention of staying long-term. It’s been more than 15 years now, and I’m still here!

My time here has taught me a lot about cross-cultural relationships and service. I’ve failed so much, but that also means I’ve learned just as much, if not, more! I want to cultivate a community where international students feel at home and experience the love of God. But I also hope to empower local Taiwanese to show hospitality to the foreigner and experience God empowering them beyond their own comfort zones.

In this first phase of ministry in Taiwan, I will be partnering with Campus Evangelical Fellowship (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students Taiwan chapter) and work primarily in Taipei. My role will be working with international students and mobilizing and equipping local followers of Jesus to engage in hospitality and friendship to international students.

Fun facts about me:

I play piano, viola, and the guitar.

I love to bake.

I consume way too much stand-up comedy.

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